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Unfortunately, young girls are catching up to boys in sports -- injuries! It used to be that for every three boys who sustained injuries in sports, only one girl was hurt. Today, with many more young women playing all kinds of active and body-contact sports, the figure has narrowed to about one-and-a-half to one.


Women's Field Hockey Because so many more girls are now suffering sports injuries, your active daughter, as well as your son, should always wear a mouthguard to both practices and games. You do not want to risk any permanent injury to their teeth.

Most school sports programs provide and mandate mouthguards. However, it might be a sound precaution to bring that generic mouthguard in when your child has a regular checkup -- before the sports season starts. We will examine it to make sure that it will protect her teeth properly.

If they have orthodontics or any other special dental requirements, we may recommend fabricating a custom mouthguard for your young athlete. We both want to be absolutely sure the mouthguard meets your child's mouth protection needs.