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Because plaque and calculus deposits on teeth can irritate your gums and cause inflammations, we set up a regular schedule of prophylaxis, or cleaning, visits for you. We think of cleaning teeth these really as health maintenance visits because we do a lot more than just perform prophylaxis.

At each visit, we also take your blood pressure, perform a soft tissue examination, check for periodontal problems, check for cavities, keep you up on the latest techniques and dental aids for effective home care, and rinse your mouth with a berry-flavored fluoride rinse which has been shown to help prevent decay and may even help remineralize decay that has already started.

The emphasis in health care today is on preventing problems rather than dealing with problems after they arise. The cleaning teeth results of a double-blind study performed in 1987 tell us that an interval of 90 days is optimum for effectively removing the accumulated toxins and enzymes that are not removed by general home care. Based on this study, we recommend that you schedule a health maintenance visit with us every three months.