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We use stringent infection control protocols, products and procedures in our practice. They are the foundation of making our practice as infection transmission-free as it can be. Each of our employees receives all mandated hepatitis B vaccinations.


Our practice employs the following rigorous quality controls:

* We completely sterilize and disinfect all dental instruments before each use.

* We manually clean all handpieces to remove surface materials and then heat/steam sterilize them in an  
autoclave before each use.

* We clean all dental instruments in an ultrasonic cleaner, then package and sterilize them in a chemical

* We chemically sterilize all instruments which are sensitive to heat.

* We utilize strict waste control procedures for sharp instruments, such as needles and scalpel blades.

* We wear disposable gloves, face masks, and protective eyewear as barrier techniques.

* We change our clinical attire as appropriate.

* We cover all handpieces with a protective sleeve containing a surface disinfectant.

* We disinfect all environmental surfaces, such as chairs, headrests, light handles, and counters, prior to each
patient treatment.

* We take an initial, comprehensive medical history of each patient, then update it at subsequent appointments.

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our patients and our employees.