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Halitosis (bad breath) can come from a number of sources. Chronic illness and certain foods can result in odors coming from the stomach, lungs or sinuses. These sources, however, account for less than ten percent of all cases. Ninety percent of bad breath comes from the mouth.


In a typically healthy person, bad breath is the result of volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs - that have a characteristic "rotten egg" smell) which are produced by bacteria populating the gums, tongue and teeth. Treatment of halitosis is most effective when it attacks both the odors (VSCs) and the bacteria.

The first step in reducing and eliminating bad breath is restoring decayed teeth and treating any periodontal disease you might have. Additionally, proper brushing and flossing is essential not only to improve and maintain your oral health, but also to control the growth of VSC producing bacteria.

Breaking the smoking habit makes sense for dental as well as overall health. If you or a loved one need more information on the benefits of quitting smoking, just ask. We'll be happy to help!

BreathRx is a revolutionary new product that is very effective in reducing or eliminating halitosis. The BreathRx breath management system contains "zytex," a chemical that actually breaks down VSCs into a non odor producing by-product. The complete system includes a mouth rinse, tooth brushing gel, tongue cleanser, tongue conditioning gel, mints, gum and breath spray.

BreathRx products are available in our office.